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your solution to the DeepFakes crisis.

Grappling with deepfakes has become a societal, commercial and national security emergency. We are the pioneers of zero-trust media verification, and your ideal partner for synthetic media defense: prevention, detection and mitigation.

Deepfakes are redefining what's "Actual".

Deepfakes are transforming our perception of media reality, impacting personal security and national dialogue. Traditional detection methods are quickly outpaced and can even be used to create more sophisticated fakes. We developed a solution that doesn't just spot discrepancies in digital content; it establishes an unassailable standard of authenticity. DeepActual is the only approach to capturing provably unedited video that allows independent verification, and is robust against prerecorded content attacks.

Media Capture Software

Whether during a real-time Zoom call or television broadcast, or the video from a bodycam, our capture software and SDKs produce a signed content manifest, and register it for independent verification.

Intermark Hardware

Low-cost hardware integration adds strong defense against pre-recorded content playback, as well as green-screen and other CGI attacks.

Verification Services

We integrate best-in-class deepfake detection methods with our patent-pending Intermark approach, to give you a simple answer to the only important question: Can I trust what I'm seeing?

Mitigation Support

We support content takedowns, forensic analysis and other mitigation strategies.

Verification Guarantees


When: Contemporaneous Capture

Our patent-pending Intermarking method prevents prerecorded content from being injected, or original video from being tampered with after the fact.


What: Physical Geometry

We uses simple, low-cost hardware to embed tamperproof timestamps (using Publicly Verifiable Randomness derived from geo-independent sources) into the physical world. While instantaneous to inject, they are prohibitively complex to simulate in real-time. This prevents screen-on-screen recording as well as green-screen and other CGI techniques.


And More...

DeepActual videos are provably continuous - nothing injected, nothing clipped away. They can optionally include embedded location and hardware data.


...Without Compromise

You can keep your media private, or publish it wherever you'd like. DeepActual manifests are opaque and contain no metadata. Every step of the method is standards-based, not trust-based: From the clock sources to the Intermark hardware, the decentralized registry and the media verification methods itself - every component is robust against insider attacks. So you don't have to take our word for it.



The best defense against fraudulent claims is a solid verification system. Our technology provides a provenance and realness guarantee, giving you the power to learn more about any media that seems suspect. No hardware required; just use the DeepActual app or implement our SDK.

Government Agencies

Disinformation, especially in the cyber domain, is asymmetric. While you need a system that is strong enough to withstand attacks from enemies with near-infinite resources, that system also needs to be cost-efficient and easy-to-use, such that it can become a ubiquitous standard. You need a method that can be used and trusted by allies and enemies alike.

Media and Platforms

Your purpose is to be the place where the story happens, without compromising what the story is. DeepActual allows you to go beyond factchecking, to stay compliant with a shifting legislative landscape, and to raise the bar on media integrity.

Leadership Team

Joshua McKenty

Joshua is a seasoned entrepreneur and technologist with extensive experience in the Open Source field. He co-founded OpenStack and Piston (which was later acquired by Cisco), and has been actively involved in shaping the Open Source landscape. Additionally, Joshua was the founding chief architect of NASA Nebula, the first cloud computing platform implemented by the US government, led the development team for Netscape 8 and AOL's IE AIM toolbar, and led the first release of the UN-backed Global Earthquake risk calculation model “OpenQuake”.

Khadem Badiyan

Khadem Badiyan is a serial entrepreneur, best known for founding AI startup Aicon, where he pioneered semantic analysis of social media images. He is the co-author of the Intermark patent, and completed PhD research in p-adic analysis and its application in cryptography.

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